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The corona crisis affects us all – privately as well as in our businesses.

All over the world we have to face new and difficult challenges. Suddenly new guidelines rule our private life and impact our professional survival.

On the current occasion we had to cancel our German delegation trip planned for the end of March to Qatar. As soon as we have overcome this severe crisis, we will resume planning for the GQBS German Qatar Business Summit together with our international partners.

Stay healthy! Feel free to contact us at any time!

Protective masks, protective clothing and hygiene requirements. We help further.

We are established in national and international project business since many years. Due to our longstanding international network, suppliers of protective masks, protective clothing, desinfection devices and also medical breathing equipment contact us in the corona crisis. We are currently focusing on helping and establishing contacts between manufacturers, retailers and hospitals, medical institutions and companies with urgent need for these medical products. We take great care in seriousness, reliability and quality. We also cooperate with companies in Germany with many years of expertise in the international trade of medical devices and goods.

Trust our honest expertise and contact our team! E-Mail: office@isbdi.com